Most popular Kitchen countertop

 The most popular kitchen countertop is no longer granite.

 Now, after several years of declining use, the day has come: another surface has officially surpassed granite in terms of popularity. Any guesses as to what the new countertop might be?

 It's quartz, otherwise known as engineered stone. The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) reports that while granite is less desirable these days, the use of quartz is on the rise (by kitchen designers anyway).  What happened to change homeowners' minds?

Appearance & Style

photo by paradise city  (original project)

photo by paradise city  (original project)

 If you need a refresher on quartz countertops, here you go: Engineered stone comprises at least 90% of ground up quartz, which is mixed with a binder like resin, then molded into slabs. Add pigment during the manufacturing process and the sky's the limit when it comes to color. Because it's made from little leftover bits of mineral, versus mined in whole slabs and shipped around the world, it's also considered a good environmental choice. 

If you want the look, but not the maintenance, of natural materials like soapstone or marble, quartz is an attractive alternative. It used to only be available as a solid color, or flecked, depending on how coarsely the quartz was ground during the fabrication process. If you liked a very minimalist, manufactured look this was fine, but the overall effect was rather cold and impersonal and didn't resonate with customers. Today, technology can produce quartz with organic-looking variations that resemble real substances found in nature. This makes a huge difference in the look and feel of a room.

Dmitriy on kitchen and bath INTERNATIONAL show 2016 orlando

Dmitriy on kitchen and bath INTERNATIONAL show 2016 orlando

Finish & Feel

Engineered stone manufacturers have also expanded their lines to include different finishes. There's still the standard smooth and shiny quartz you've seen for years, but it's also now available honed or sueded — with a softer, brushed feel — or more pitted like "volcano" rock or concrete. These latest offerings are decidedly less sleek and lustrous, with a warmer and more inviting texture.

photo by paradise city (just fineshed project)

photo by paradise city (just fineshed project)


 Quartz's main selling point is durability: it remains one of the most low maintenance materials around, and is fairly impervious to etching, stains, cracks or chips. (Note that certain finishes might require more daily maintenance. Caesarstone, for example, says that metal marks, fingerprints and other signs of daily living will show more on their honed or concrete finishes.) You don't need to seal the surface upon installation, or reseal down the road. These surfaces are intolerant to high heat however, so it's a good idea to use a trivet under any scalding pots and pans.

photo by paradise city (original progect)

photo by paradise city (original progect)

 If you are planing remodeling and need sophisticated kitchen use quartz for your counter top needs and call Paradise City for your remodeling needs (954) 817-6505

Making the most of a Small Bathroom

When it comes to the small spaces in our homes, we tend to make one of two mistakes. Either we give no attention to their design, thinking that there’s not enough room, or we overcompensate, ending up with a design that overwhelms the space. It doesn’t have to be that way. Get the most from your small bathroom with these tips.


A nice mirror does any room a favor. They reflect light and make your space feel twice its actual size. In a small bathroom, carefully chose size of that mirror do not make it too big. This will create a feeling of more space .Use medicine cabinet style mirrors (like on that picture) ,it will add hidden shelf space for you small bathroom

Light  and Bright Colors

In a small area like the powder room, we’re sometimes tempted to use all the design ideas we’re scared to use in the rest of the house. While that sounds logical, it can also result in a room that feels dark and cramped. This is especially true for bathrooms that have no source of natural light. But that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some crazy! With white fixtures and a lighter shade on the walls, you can incorporate color and style with accessories.


Clutter will make even the most luxurious master bath feel confining, so it’s especially important to minimize it in a small bathroom. Hang a medicine cabinet over the toilet for makeup and toiletries (bonus points if it has a mirror front!). Selecting a floating vanity will give the space an open, spa-like feel. Use the Floating Surface Adjustable Bracket to give you maximum support without design interference! Store towels underneath in attractive bins—woven baskets are ideal! Avoid a double sink to maximize counter space. Add small vertical cabinet over the  toilet , recessed it inside wall .You will have enough space for storage .

 Expose pluming fixture will bring some detailing , sparkle and  modern look to any shower ( last picture ) 

A small bathroom doesn’t have to feel small. Hopefully these tips will help you use your available space to achieve the design of your dreams!

Roberto Cavalli in Tile design

We used beautiful Roberto Cavalli Tiles for this His Bathroom. Silver and golden lines from those tiles transmit glamor and sophistication. We carefully calculate the position of each piece to make sure its sparkle and blink. Of course: floating vanity with led light mirror, Toto Neorest toilet, Hansgrohe plumbing fixtures and (ta-daa) Philippe Starck urinal. His bathroom has to be HIS bathroom.

Affordable Interior Design, made with IKEA . Full renovation with labor , materials, furniture , appliances ( 1 bedroom 1 bathroom,living room and kitchen) = $40 000