With exquisite designs to match your desires, it’s time you started enjoying your success to the fullest; you’ve earned it. Creating a custom and luxurious modern home is a fundamental part in enhancing your overall lifestyle. Your home is your castle, and you should enjoy every moment you’re in it. Technological advances and modern design enhancements not only can make your life easier, but give you an unmatched feeling of luxury, sophistication, and satisfaction in any and every room you own.

Create your own paradise in Sunny Isles Beach.

Countless memories sit under the roof of your home. It’s where memories are made and where lives are built. In fact, most of life’s important moments happen in your home. Needless to say, your home should be a place that you enjoy. It should be a place that you want to retreat at the end of a long day, and a place you want to share with your loved ones. 

At Paradise City, we have over 15 years and over 100 designs of experience under our belt. Specializing in design-build, we work with homeowners of Sunny Isles Beach and the surrounding area to make the home renovations of their dreams become a reality.


Design-Build for Home and Kitchen Remodeling

There are countless aspects that go into kitchen remodeling. From interior design planning to hands-on remodeling and home renovations, kitchen remodeling can be an overwhelming chore. With Paradise City, kitchen interior renovations are made easy with the design-build approach.

By assisting our clients in remodeling design to providing general contractors to get the job done, we make kitchen remodeling hassle-free. Using the most up-to-date technology and design trends, our interior design consultants combine your personal style and latest kitchen remodeling trends to create interior renovation plans that are sure to please you and your guests.


Interior Design and Renovation

If you’re unhappy with the look and feel of your home, then it may be time for home remodeling. By changing the interior design and themes of your home, your Sunny Isles Beach house can end up feeling like an entirely new place.

Our general contractors work tirelessly with our interior design consultant to provide our valued clients with home remodeling solutions that fit their personal style and budget. With the design-build system, our craftsmen at Paradise City cut out the middle man, saving you time, money and energy. With Paradise City, home renovations have never been so easy. We specialize in interior design home renovations from:

  • Kitchen remodeling

  • Bathroom remodeling

  • Living space remodeling

  • Bedroom remodeling

  • Full-house remodeling


Interior Design Consultant in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida

Sunny Isles Beach is not just a popular vacation destination, for many, it’s home. Sunny Isles Beach is where clear waters meet white sandy beaches, and where over 20 thousand lucky homeowners reside. With urban sky risers and Caribbean beaches, Sunny Isles Beach is a happy cocktail of business and pleasure. It's no wonder that adventures and businessmen and women alike from all over the nation choose to call Sunny Isles Beach their home.


If you’re looking for a general contractor to assist with interior renovations for your Sunny Isles Beach home, look no further than Paradise City. At Paradise City, our interior design consultant assist our clients in aspects of:

  • Creating Interior Spaces

  • Working with Budgets

  • Graphic Design

  • Interior Design

  • Home Renovation Themes

Contact us today to inquire about the home remodeling of your dreams.